Welcome to Robot Pennies!

News November 15th 2013: IPU, a new service paying you for your CPU processing power was launched today. It looks promising, check it out!

Learn how to make some passive money with the computer you use anyway.

I'll only show you programmes that

  • work internationally: no US only restriction!
  • are automatic and non-intrusive: install it and forget it
  • actually pay out: no scam. You need a free PayPal account though.
  • don't involve cheating: no hacks or autoclickers

Everything works under Windows systems.
Usable under Mac and Linux: PollBuzzer, Bitcoin Mining, Vagex (via Firefox), Topline (via Browser).


Gomez PEER is amazing for anyone, even if you only use your computer very casually. You can also let your computer watch YouTube Videos silently and invisibly with Vagex. If you check your e-mail daily, it would be a shame not to pick up PollBuzzer to occasionally make $1.00 with one click. Topline switches ads on websites you view with its own and pays you for that.
Maybe your computer is always turned on anyway. Or you are a student that doesn't have to pay for his electricity. If the latter is the case, you can let your CPU work for you (MetaTrader 5) or have your graphics card mine for coins (Bitcoin Mining)! If you have a gaming system, it just gets better.

Since the programmes listed here are the most unintrusive I could find, you can use them with the computer you always use anyway. If you are in a position where it would pay off to have additional computers stand around 24:7 without maintenance, that would be another option to make some additional money.